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Le Nouvel Condominium at Ardmore Park – False Ceiling

Featured: Premium in Silver and Rose Gold, retailing $999

False Ceiling Installation

When you have the luxury of space, you can install as many automated racks as you want 🙂

We have installed 3 automated laundry systems for Le Nouvel Condo, with 2 units at the master bathroom and 1 unit at balcony. The installation process was challenging with false ceiling. Nonetheless our professional installers managed to get the job done nicely. For false ceiling installation, our team uses steel rods that are secured to the concrete ceiling above the false ceiling. This ensures that the support for the automated laundry rack is firm and strong.


If your ceiling involves false ceiling, you can consult us for a more detailed explanation. Click the Whatsapp button at the bottom to speak with us today.

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