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Does the LED or UV Light help in drying?

All our Automated Laundry Systems (ALS) come with built-in LED lights to provide better visibility, especially at night. UV light helps disinfect clothes, making them cleaner. These two components does not help in drying.

The fan and heater components assist in drying, offering two modes to choose from. When these two modes are activated, a timer is set, and the system will automatically turn off once the cycle is complete, providing a convenient and hassle-free laundry experience.


  1. Fan-Only Mode: This mode uses cool or room temperature air to blow towards the laundry. It’s ideal for situations like when you’re cooking and want to prevent odours from sticking to your clothes. Additionally, if your laundry area gets good sun exposure, this mode can help speed up the drying process using cool air. It also improves ventilation around the area, making it a great option for users who install the system in spaces like storage rooms in condo homes.
  2. Heat Drying Mode: In this mode, both the fan and heater operate simultaneously, blowing out warm air at a consistent speed (depending on the model) to accelerate the drying process. It works similarly to a tumble dryer but without using high heat, ensuring it remains fabric-friendly and energy-efficient. The ALS uses a gentler heat in an open space, preserving your clothes’ quality while saving electricity.