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Choosing the Best Laundry Solution: Automated Systems vs. Tumble Dryers

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In the hunt for the perfect laundry appliance, efficiency and convenience reigns supreme. Homeowners crave features like energy savings, space optimisation, smart technology, and affordability. With a sea of options, choosing the right laundry system can feel overwhelming. This article explores the merits of automated laundry systems and traditional tumble dryers, helping you make an informed decision.

Beyond the Tumble Cycle:

Singapore’s climate might tempt you towards a dryer for convenience, especially during rainy seasons. Washer-dryer combos offer a one-stop solution, but their limitations become clear when one function malfunctions. These combos may not be ideal for large families who require frequent use, as performance and machine life can suffer. Besides home appliances such as the fridge, air conditioning units and water heaters, dryers are also one of the top energy guzzlers for your home.However, by being aware of these energy guzzlers doing little things here and there to reduce costs, you’ll be able to save money and reduce the total on your energy bill.

Benefits of Tumble Dryers:

Tumble dryers offer undeniable benefits and you’ll be able to enjoy convenience of washing, drying and storing clean clothes immediately for use which will be discussed below:


  • Dryers save the time and effort from you having to individually hang freshly washed clothes onto the poles.
  • It offers rapid drying and eliminating the need to rely on the weather. Most of the time, would be able to dry one load of laundry in one cycle and allow you to dry multiple laundry loads in a day.
  • Homes without ample space by stacking the dryers on top of washing machines. There are also a compact 2-in-1 washer dryer that has both washing and drying functions in one machine, you would not need to transfer clothes in between appliances. This washer and dryer combo use ventless heat pump technology that can be up to 50% more energy efficient than a regular dryer.


    For busy households, the convenience of a tumble dryer can be a major advantage, ensuring laundry is ready to wear in no time.

Disadvantages of Tumble Dryers:

Of course, we’ll also be covering some disadvantage of dryers as well. 


  • Dryers causes microscopic harm to the fabric of your clothes. You may notice lint accumulating in the lint tray, which indicates collective damage. Lint is a result of small rips in your fabric’s fibres, which may lead to your clothes falling apart over a prolonged period of time. The main reason for this wear and tear is due to the mechanical tumbling action.

  • Exposing your clothes to long cycles of high heat can cause your clothes to shrink from over-drying.
  • For households washing and drying their laundry once on a weekly basis, would often result in wrinkled clothing after usage. This is usually caused by the big loads of clothes, or leaving the clothes rest in the dryer for too long.
  • When different fabrics comes into contact inside a dryer, this friction causes static, you might feel a zap when your body reacts to charged clothing. You should always check on your labels for clothes that are not recommended for tumble dryers. This would take some time for you to segregate clothing that are safe for dryers and are not.
  • Sometimes, you would often face times whereby your clothes are not dried after one cycle. This would usually be due to overloading, clothes being too wet or there are more thicker fabrics compared to other times.
  • Dryer maintenance would help prevent costly repairs or become a fire hazard by regularly cleaning out the lint screen after each load and wipe dry the drum walls from building up residue.

Introducing the Automated Laundry System:

There’s an innovative alternative with similar benefits and lesser disadvantages! Revolutionise laundry care with GoodLiving’s automated laundry systems (ALS), the Platinum Pro.Forget bulky dryers, space-hogging laundry racks, flimsy poles, manual racks, and clothes lines. With a simple touch, GoodLiving’s Platinum Pro dries clothes up to eight times faster, all at the push of a button.

Harnessing Nature's Power:

GoodLiving’s Platinum Pro innovative Heat Drying Technique utilising Aero-dynamo technology by alternating two heaters till the end of the cycle. This Heat Drying Technique mimics the gentle warmth of sunlight, using 60°C warm air currents and offers 360º coverage to dry your clothes efficiently. This translates to gentler care for your garments, extending their lifespan. This new and improved model offers 3-hour and 6-hour Heat Drying cycle, allowing you to customise drying cycles for optimal efficiency based on your needs.


Whether you require a quick refresh or a complete dry down, GoodLiving’s Platinum Pro offers the flexibility to match your laundry routine.

Allergy Relief Built-In:

For those with allergies, GoodLiving’s Platinum Pro offers an additional benefit. The in-built Ionizer and Dust Mite Repeller effectively eliminate allergens and odours, leaving your laundry fresh and breathable. This feature will run for 30mins and is totally optional to use when needed, promoting energy efficiency. Simply activate this feature making the rack automate going up and will only start to the highest height limit.

Capacity for Busy Households:

GoodLiving’s Platinum series caters to families with its impressive capacity, accommodating an average load of 50kg. Telescopic poles even allow for drying up to king-size bedsheets when flipped down and fully extended to 220cm! 


ALS allows you to dry your clothes without worrying on the damage at one go, and are reliable to operate multiple times on a daily basis. With our testing, one load of laundry would be able to dry fully within one cycle of 6-Hour Heat Drying.

Space-Saving Design:

Worried about installation? GoodLiving models are designed to fit seamlessly into most HDB BTO flats (3-room to 5-room). For homes with limited space, you can consider the Mini models which is more compact. Mounted on the ceiling, these systems free up valuable floor space, eliminating concerns about limited legroom.

Sustainable Laundry Care:

GoodLiving allows you to embrace indoor drying without the hassle, all while significantly reducing energy consumption compared to traditional dryers.

Which is Right for You?

When deciding between a tumble dryer and an automated laundry system, consider your lifestyle needs. If you require rapid drying and have limited space, a tumble dryer might be your go-to. However, if energy efficiency, garment care, and additional features like allergen reduction are your priorities, an automated system like GoodLiving could be the better choice.

Embrace a New Laundry Experience:

Both tumble dryers and automated laundry systems offer unique benefits. Evaluate your household needs, space constraints, and personal preferences to make the best choice for your home. Invest in smarter laundry care today with GoodLiving.

*Note: Drying times may vary depending on weather conditions and fabric type.*