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5 Ways to Prevent Damage to Your Clothes

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We know how it feels to grab your favourite dress from your wardrobe – only to find it damaged.

It’s not just the disappointment, but the money and effort wasted as well. Imagine if this happened to most of your delicate clothes, or a shirt you desperately need for an important function the next day.

Washing and drying your clothes properly are critical to ensuring that they are maintained in perfect condition and can last through many wears.

Let’s explore how you can prevent damage to your clothes in this article!

Sort Your Laundry According to Material

While most of us know that light and dark coloured textiles don’t mix and should be separated, not many know that they should do the same for the materials. You can separate bulkier products, like jeans and cardigans, from summer blouses and camisoles and even dress shirts.


This helps to prevent the rougher fabrics from rubbing against the delicate fabrics and damaging them. You should also wash your big towels and bedsheets separately from clothes. Separating your laundry according to the fabric can also help your laundry dry more evenly because bulkier items take a longer time to dry.

Button Down Clothes Before Washing

Do you tend to button up your clothes before throwing them into the wash? Doing this may lead to rips in your buttonholes and button thread may be loosened as well.

Don’t button your clothes and don’t fasten the buttons on sleeves and collars as well.

Washing Machine Maintenance

Even though your washing machine’s purpose is to clean your clothes and fabrics, it also needs regular cleaning itself as well.

The dirt, grime, detergent residue, mould, and mildew from washing your clothes can accumulate in the washing machine.

Cleaning your washing machine is simple – turn on the self-clean cycle and pour in some vinegar. You should scrub around the rubber gasket and lid. Doing these can help to prevent laundry that smells musty.

Using an Appropriate Amount of Detergent

How much detergent should you use when you’re washing your clothes? The key is to find the right balance so that you don’t wind up using too much or too little detergent.

Remember that using more detergent doesn’t mean that your clothes will become cleaner. Excessive detergent can harm your clothes as time passes, while a lack of detergent will make your clothes look lackluster and filthy.

When you’re determining the amount of detergent to use, always bear in mind the size of your load and the extent of dirt.

Upgrading your Laundry Lifestyle

An automated laundry system is a revolutionary invention that checks all of a modern homeowner’s requirements for a reliable and lasting drying system of up to a decade. It’s usually mounted on the ceiling, which means that it takes up minimal space as compared to other laundry racks that are placed on the ground. Intelligent laundry drying systems come with an impressive variety of cool functions and features, like GoodLiving’s:

  • Dust mite repellant and bacteria-eliminating function such as Ioniser or UV Light
  • Heat and fan drying options
  • Built-in LED to illuminate the area especially at night
  • Exceptional build quality and motor
  • Mobile app and voice control on Google Home


Although it can be pricier than other traditional laundry racks, it is a sound investment that is suitable for use for young adults to the elderly. Protect your clothes by going the extra mile to consider the drying process as well. Using an ALS is a great way to safeguard your textiles. GoodLiving’s intelligent systems give you the option to use fan drying instead of putting them under the harsh sunlight as direct sunlight exposure can damage your fabrics over time and lead to colour loss.


Enjoy Well-Maintained Clothes with the Right Choices

Make the right choices today to let your clothes last! GoodLiving is here to help you with our extensive range of modern smart laundry systems to meet your budget and requirements.

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