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How does the automated laundry rack work?

GoodLiving ALS offers a seamless, efficient, and user-friendly laundry experience designed to fit modern lifestyles. Here’s a step-by-step look at how it works:

Installation and Setup: The ALS is securely installed on your ceiling or wall, ensuring it’s out of the way yet easily accessible. It comes with built-in LED lights for better visibility, especially useful in dimly lit areas. Free delivery and installation included on concrete and false ceiling.

Operation: The ALS would need a power supply of at least 6 Ampere to operate, either through a lighting point which is connected to a switch OR connect to the existing 3-pin power socket. When turned on, it will turn on the ALS only. Users are able to enjoy using the features using a remote control, or even through app, depending on the model. Simply press a button to lower or raise the rack to your desired height.

Drying Modes:

Automatic Timer: Both drying modes come with a built-in timer. Once activated, the system will run for a set duration and automatically turn off once the cycle is complete, making it a convenient, worry-free process.

Additional Features: The ALS includes built-in LED lights that enhance visibility, making it easier to hang and retrieve laundry, especially at night.

Energy Efficiency: The ALS is designed to be energy-efficient. By using a combination of natural air drying and gentle heat, it helps save electricity while ensuring your clothes are dried effectively.

In essence, the ALS simplifies your laundry routine, offering convenience, efficiency, and modern functionality to enhance your home.