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Premium Pro

Total Amount

*Free installation included for concrete, false and high ceiling.


Energy Consumption
  • Led: 14W
  • UV light: 7Wx2
  • Heater: 360Wx2
  • Fan: 12Wx4
  • Lifting Motor: 45 Watts
Electrical Requirements
  • Either one of the followings:
  • Light point
  • Wires 6A
  • Wall socket/powerpoint (for 3 pin plug)
  • *Free installation including false ceiling
  • Base: 140cm x 35cm
  • Poles Width: 56cm (100cm recommended)
  • Poles Length: 140cm to 240cm
  • Drop Down: 130
  • 40kg lifting load
  • 4 long poles
  • 9 cross bars
  • 20 hanger holes
  • 5 years for motor
  • 2 years for parts
  • ISO9001
  • GB/T19001
  • IP44 rating

Discover the full features

Let it do the heavy lifting

Let it lift for you

Video illustration of Premium Pro

As the flagship model, Premium Pro was the first Quad fans system we ever created in 2023. The design was sleek and multi-functional. 


dual heaters

2 hrs

auto drying timer


load lifting capacity 


dual heaters

2 hrs

auto drying timer


load lifting capacity 

Dual heaters

Dual heaters

Discover the efficiency of the Premium Pro Dual Heaters, engineered specifically to expedite laundry drying. This innovative product reaches temperatures of up to 45°C, ensuring quick and even drying. Ideal for busy households and indoor environments, enhancing convenience and energy efficiency.

UV - Germs killing

UV - Germs killing

Our system features a built-in UV light that efficiently kills germs and bacteria, simulating the natural cleaning power of sunlight. Enjoy a cleaner laundry with this innovative technology. 

Quad fans system

Quad fans system

The state-of-the-art Quad Fan System is an innovative feature of our laundry rack designed to optimize drying efficiency. This system utilizes four strategically placed fans to increase air circulation. It drys 2x faster than traditional automated laundry racks.


Anti-Collision Mechanism

Have peace of mind at home with this safety assurance, each model has undergone real-life testings to simulate potential danger hazards. Our models have been approved for safety checks and will come to a halt once obstructed.

Horizontal crossbars

Horizontal crossbars

Featuring 9 horizontal cross bars positioned in the middle for optimal convenience. These bars are ideally suited for hanging towels, shirts, and hangers, allowing you to maximize the use of the rack. This design ensures you can efficiently dry multiple items at once, making it a practical addition to your laundry routine.

German Technology

German Technology Motor

Our high-tech German motor(≈40dB) is built to last for up to 20 years. Additionally, a 5 years lifting motor warranty is included for every model to give you operational assurance with our smart laundry system.

Easy Control
The wireless remote is connected to your system through Radio Frequency. Mounted the remote holder anywhere within 30 meter to seamlessly control your rack with a touch of a button.

Easy Control

The wireless remote is connected to your system through Radio Frequency. Mounted the remote holder anywhere within 30m to seamlessly control your rack with a touch of a button.


warranty for all products


warranty for German motor


As a responsible manufacturer we provide a long-term 2-year
for all products and 5-year warranty for German motor which designed operational life is 20 years.

After-Sales Support

We support our customers after purchase. Post-sales services include:

Warranty repairs

of spare parts

the device

the device

the device

the device

Genuine reviews from users

27 reviews for Premium Pro

  1. Zhuo Hong Guo

    Thankful for their professionalism. The admin is quite prompt in responding to our inquiries. The installation went smooth

  2. Serene Yeo

    Goodliving customer service has been very responsive and always there to clarify any doubts. Yuan the technician is also very efficient and does a walkthrough of the device and things to take note of during usage. Prices are reasonable and device looks sturdy!

    Image #1 from Serene Yeo
  3. Syafiqah Sawal

    Installation was a smooth one. Installer texted if he could come earlier and coincidentally we are waiting for furniture/appliances to be delivered since morning so it’s fine by us.

    Moving on, the installer advises us if we are stacking the washer/dryer or not because the pole will not be able to go down that low.

    After installing, he showed us how to use the remote control and also warned us about extending the pole on the right because it will hit the pipe if we bring it up all the way.

    Very experienced installer. 👍🏼👍🏼

    Thank you Goodliving team for the great experience!

  4. Damian Lim

    They were very helpful and professional. Appointments were fast and on time. Installation went very smoothly. Product seems good 👍🏽

    Image #1 from Damian Lim
  5. Pc W

    Yet to use, but staffs are friendly, professional, installation was smooth and on-time. Happy purchase.

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