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How to Make the Most of Your BTO


It’s no secret that our homes are getting smaller and smaller. Back in our parents’ time, a 5-room HDB flat in Woodlands averaged 120sqm. 

Today’s 5-room BTO flats are much smaller, and we don’t have flat types like maisonettes, jumbo flats, or executive apartments that are even bigger.

A smaller home means limited living space, and not many of us enjoy living in a cramped shoebox.

With that said, how do you make the most of the available space in your BTO? There are a few ways that you can consider doing this!

1. Choose Built-ins, But Do It Carefully

Many people agree that built-in storage is a great way to optimise the space at home since it rarely leaves awkward areas like ready-made storage does.

Indeed, it can be a good idea, especially if you can plan it carefully so that it doesn’t end up looking more cluttered than ever. One drawback about built-ins is that it can be very bulky and space-consuming, leading to a reverse result.

2. Choose Your Furniture and Appliances Carefully

Think about how you can use your furniture to maximise the space at home. For example, you could buy bed frames with sliding drawers or those that can be lifted up with storage underneath.

Another possible solution is to buy a smart laundry system that is both sleek and space-saving. These intelligent systems usually come with extendable poles so that you can use the space cleverly without overcrowding it with huge appliances.

This flexibility is ideal for any homeowner – from smaller HDB flats to larger private properties.

3. Opt for Sliding Doors

BTOs usually come with small toilets and narrow spaces. This means that installing swing doors can instantly cramp up the space and you might find yourself having to squeeze through the rooms all the time.

One great way to save space is to install sliding or folding doors where possible. For example, if you have enough capacity, you can get a sliding kitchen door or toilet door.

You can also consider folding bi-fold doors that fold and make it less squeezy. There are also slide-and-fold doors that are similar to bi-fold doors.

4. Mount Where Possible

Mounting your furniture on the walls is a good method to keep things off the ground and look less cluttered. For example, you can mount your TV on the wall, TV console, or study table.

You can even mount your bedframe on the wall for a ‘floating’ look off the floor to get a unique spin on your bedroom

5. Go Light

When you’re planning the overall colour palette of your home, it’s always a great idea to choose lighter shades to make the space look bigger and brighter.

Shades like white and beige give off the illusion of a wider space as compared to the cramped look of darker shades like black and grey.

6. The Sky’s the Limit

Be creative and thoughtful if you want to make your home look bigger! There are many ways to do so – especially with the wide variety of choices we have today.

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