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3 Reasons Why Using a Smart Laundry System in Singapore is Brilliant


Smart laundry systems have been a welcome addition to our homes in our city-state of Singapore.

Why is Singapore a particularly great place to use a smart laundry system, and why are consumers, especially the younger millennials, choosing this over traditional bamboo pole-drying or foldable options?

In this article, we look at a few reasons that make using these space-saving devices a perfect choice for the long term:

Erratic Weather All-Year-Round

As a tropical country, we experience all sorts of bizarre weather changes. It can be burning hot one moment and howling with torrential rain next.

This means that it’s also a pain for homeowners wanting to dry their clothes. It becomes a risk to leave your clothes outside to dry in the sun and head out of the house. This is because it might start raining heavily when you’re out.

An intelligent laundry system solves this problem and eliminates any vulnerability to these frequent weather changes.

Small Public Housing

We face massive land constraints, which means that most public housing in Singapore is small, and it’s only getting smaller. For example, HDB flats used to be bigger in size, with options like maisonettes and jumbo flats that have since been discontinued.

Smart laundry systems help to save space because they can be installed onto ceilings at home, and they are compact as well.

It makes a perfect addition to your HDB or BTO flat, and an aesthetic one as well!

Air Pollution

Air pollution is everywhere around us in a city-state like Singapore. This applies to both indoor and outdoor settings, which means that germs, bacteria, and even dust mites exist.

These germs and dust mites can contaminate your clothes as they dry, and a smart laundry system can effectively eliminate these harmful substances.

For example, GoodLiving’s Premium smart laundry system has a UV heat drying and anti-dust mite function to dry your clothes while getting rid of pollutive particles!

Frustrating Neighbours

If you stay in an HDB or BTO flat, you would have experienced or heard horror stories about your neighbours firsthand.

Imagine having just hung out your freshly washed laundry onto the poles outside to dry in the sun. You return an hour later and find it even wetter than an hour ago, and realise it’s because your neighbour upstairs has been dripping wet laundry water onto your clothes.

This is a common occurrence, and it may not even be water that dirties your clothes. A smart laundry system allows you to dry your fabrics indoors and be in complete control without being vulnerable to such external nuisances.

Singapore is a Great Place to Use Smart Laundry Systems

It’s not just in public housing – most of the reasons we’ve mentioned above also apply to private properties like condominiums and terrace houses.

Dry your laundry in the smart and modern way that we are known to be and get your GoodLiving smart laundry system today!

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